Quality Assurance Laboratory

We undertake testing and evaluation of electromechanical components and products in our Quality Assurance Laboratory.  The QA Lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art testing equipment required for inspection and testing of products to Joint Services Specifications.

Listed below are some of the principal equipment in the QA Lab.

Environmental Chamber: - 40Deg to +180 Deg Cel; Relative Humidity (RH) 10-95%.
Salt Spray Chamber
Vibration Tester : Freq. 5-5000 Hz, Displacement – 25mm, Max Accleration. 100g.
Bump Tester : 40+2g, 25mm Displacement
Altitude Chamber : 0-760 mm Of Hg, Up To 75000 Feet ( 22000 metres).
Vibration Test Monitor - Contact Monitor; Precision : Contact Missing > 10 Micro Seconds.
High Temparature Oven : Temp 0 – 200°C.
L C R Meter
Digital Thermometer Upto 1000°C.
Universal Relay Time Gauge
Profile Projector : Protractor screen with dia 315mm, Projection Lens 10X with 50X optional Magnification, Accuracy Contour illumination +0.1% OR LESS & Reflected illumination +0.15 % or less,   Max height of specimen which can be placed is 95mm , Stage size - 150x 200 x 100.
X – Ray Plating Thickness Tester, Detection 22 (Ti) to 83 (Bi), Sample observation - CCD camera.
Hardness Tester : Magnification Max 500X (10X eyepiece with 20X & 50X Objective), XY Stage 100 X 100mm & Micrometer head travel 25 X 25mm, Max height of specimen which can be placed is 95mm.



The Quality Managment System of the Company are covered by the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 approvals...

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